2018 Youth Bid Redemption

For all bids won from February 1st, 2018 – January 1st, 2019, you will receive a half paid entry into our Battle Flag Football National Championships in Orlando, FL, on January 18-20, 2018.


  1. You will need to go to COMING SOON and pay your $200.00 deposit to register your team. Once you have paid your $200.00 deposit that will signal the FFWCT powered by National Flag Football to note you have full intentions on coming to compete in the Battle Orlando Flag Football National Championships and you will be placed on the registered teams list on the event landing page.
  2. In order to redeem your ½ paid free bid, your entire team will need to exclusively book their hotels or rental homes via the link provided on the event page. Once we have confirmation of your team booking their hotel rooms via the link we provide only, we will then & only then consider your team balance covered and fully registered to be added to the schedule.
  3. Failure to use our link will result in your fully paid bid being rendered null & void and you will need to pay your remaining balance via credit card, debit card or check like the rest of the teams. Any use of outside booking links, apps, or websites by any member of your team such as but not limited to, Air BNB, Hotels.com, VRBO or any other booking method other than the one we provide will render your full bid immediately null and void. This is mandatory per our contract with the city to allow us to continue bringing our events to high quality locations such as this.


Question: What happens if one of my players doesn’t use the link to book their hotel?

Answer: Then the team will have their free bid rendered null & void and will be responsible for paying their full balance amount in order to participate in the tournament. So make sure you have all of your players book their hotels or rental houses via the link we provide you.

Question: What if we want to book a rental house, how do we do that?

Answer: There will be limited rental homes available via the link provided on the landing page. You can rent hotels, condos, or rental homes as long as they are available on the link!

Question: What if we have won multiple tournaments, do we get multiple bids?

Answer: You will receive one ½ paid bid each time you win, which is valid for that division only at the National Championships unless otherwise noted.

Question: What if we live near the sports complex, do we still need to book a hotel?

Answer: No, if you live within 50 square miles of the tournament location then you will not be subject to booking a hotel to redeem your bid but you will still need to pay your $50.00 deposit.