Battle Orlando Player Spotlight: Diere “Fresh” Franklin – Quarterback – Looney Tunes

fresh franklin looney tunes

Battle Orlando Player Spotlight: Diere “Fresh” Franklin – Quarterback – Looney Tunes

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What's This?

Leading up to one of the biggest flag football tournaments of the year, Battle Orlando, we’ll be doing a player spotlight series featuring players signed up and ready to go for the $30,000 tournament event next Memorial Day in Orlando, Florida! Want to create your own player card and possibly be featured for one of our player spotlight articles? You must be registered for Battle Orlando first, then fill out this form and we’ll create one for you shortly!

Diere “Fresh” Franklin |  Quarterback – Looney Tunes – Dallas, TX

“Fresh” off a recent 8man screen state championship, and with multiple other local and national championships under his belt, here’s is a little insight and advice from Diere “Fresh” Franklin on his years playing the sport and what he’s looking forward to!

Q) Give us a little info on your flag football experience, how long you’ve been playing, teams you play for, what positions you play, etc.

Wow I’ve been playing flag football since I was 18 yrs old. I started out just playing in the air it out 4 on 4 tournaments every year until that tournament died out. I’ve played in all types of formats since then lol…

9man contact for 12 years “Shotyme”
8man screen “Havoc”
4man screen “Looney Tunes”
5man screen and contact
6man screen
7man screen
8man Coed. “HOF”

Which format do you enjoy the most and why?

My favorite format I would have to say is 4man because it’s the game that challenges me the most although I’m really liking 8man these days.

What is it about flag football that you enjoy the most and keeps you coming back to play year after year?

The thing I enjoy most about flag football is the fellowship man…I’ve made so many friends in this sport that it’s unreal so it’s like a family away from family, even a the guys from other states we all keep in touch now that we’ve gotten to know each other. So for me that’s what keeps me coming back year after year, the competitor in me to be the absolute best ever and the friendships I have with teammates and competitors.

What are you most excited about in regards to Battle Orlando?

I think “Battle of Orlando” will be exciting because you guys care about the product!!!! The elite divisions are over looked most of the time in the huge tournaments with multiple divisions and I believe you guys put the time and energy in making a good product for the guys that have pushed the sport for all these years man. I think we deserve something like this and I’m very thankful for it!

Any tips or advice for new players out there, in regards to flag football techniques, running a team or travelling to tournaments?

My advice to new players is to ALWAYS RESPECT THE GAME….what I mean is respect the great players before you. Ask questions, watch games, watch leadership, soak up as much info as possible and apply it all to your own game. Don’t be so cocky that you don’t learn as much as you should because that’s the way I’ve been able to be considered the best by some of my peers! And to my QB’s understand that criticism will only make you better, it’s about how you deal with it because you will have positive things said about you win you win and negative things when you lose but it comes with the position and you have to be level headed enough to deal with any and every kind of criticism to make it in this sport as a QB!

Stay tuned for more player updates and be sure to go here to request your own player card created just for you!

Travis Burnett

A veteran flag football player and creator of, Travis helped found the Flag Football World Championship Tour as a way to help revitalize and continue growing the sport, work to incorporate more sponsors and bring bigger and better events to the players and fans across the world.