Battle Points and Rankings Updated!

Battle Points and Rankings Updated!

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What's This?

It’s been a couple months since we announced our new Battle™ Points and Ranking system, and after a lot of tweaking the wait is finally over! Below is an explanation of how the points will work and what they’ll be used for, followed by a link to the full rankings to check out!

How do you earn points?

Teams earn points at each FFWCT run or affiliated tournament for each division that they play in, double points for winning each division, and bonus points for registering early and other incentives we’ll throw out periodically! The base amount of points teams can earn will be 100 points per division entry starting at our affiliate event level (tournaments we promote that give bids but don’t fully operate ourselves). Regional official Battle Circuit tournament events will be awarded double points (200 points for entering and 400 points for winning a division), and our National Championship events (Battle Vegas and Battle Orlando) will award triple points (300 points for entering and 600 points for winning said division). All teams who have participated in our FFWCT affiliated or hosted events going back to Battle Orlando last May have already been assigned points for participating and winning, with the full points and rankings here!

What are points used for?

Points will be used at both Nationals and the World Championship events, where they will be used to seed teams for playoff brackets. Since our tournaments are all pool play plus single elimination brackets, points will be vitally important to getting the highest seed possible once pool play is completed. Instead of a typical seeding structure that would order teams based on their overall record followed by one of a handful of options such as points forced, points against, point differential, etc to determine your seed, we’re removing the need to do anything other than win. Our seeding for the playoffs will be determined first on your overall record, then your Battle Points, followed by your date of registration for that event.
Points will be public knowledge, so trying to figure out what your seeding will be during the tournament is now easier than ever since points scored/against/differential don’t matter and rewards teams who win, followed by teams who’ve played and/or won past tournament by giving them a leg up on seeding for playoffs, while still keeping the integrity of competition alive since your overall record is still the top factor. Seeding the playoffs this way with points and registration date being posted before the tournament for each team, will also eliminate small discrepancies that can arrive during the tournament on recorded scores from officials, along with trying to keep up with the order of importance between points scored, against or differential, and all comes down to wins.

How will Pool Play be selected for National and World Championships?

How we’re determining each pool for pool play will be decided by date of registration as well, similar to Battle Orlando last year with the Fantasy Draft style seeding! The first team to register will have the last option when choosing pools, which will be done live before Battle Vegas and Battle Orlando in January, along and the Battle Circuit World Championships next July in Indianapolis. The last team to register will be the first team to pick their spot in a pool at the live draft party the night before the tournament begins (general schedules will be released earlier that week for times/locations). Each new team from there forward on their turn has the option to put their team into any blank spot on the board, or replace any other team currently on the board. If they replace a team, that team then can place their team into any other remaining open spots (but not replace another). The last team (first team that registered in that division) will ultimately be able to put themselves into any pool, and whoever they replace will have to take the only remaining open spot, completing the pools.
For example, 8 teams register in a division. Team 1 registered 1st and has 400 points, while team 2 registered 2nd and has 500 points. Team 1 would have the last pick to put themselves into any pool they want at the bracket draft, just after Team 2 (and the other 6 teams). If both Team 1 and Team 2 had the same record and tied for the top seeds, let’s say 3-0 in pool play, Team 2 would be the #1 seed for playoffs due to having more points, and Team 1 would be#2 seed. If they had identical points, then Team 1 would have won the seed due to having registered first.
Registration opens for Battle Orlando and Battle Vegas on November 1st at 11:00am CST so be ready to pay your $50 deposit ASAP, where all teams who register within the first week will earn bonus points!

How are Rankings Determined?

After much consideration, we finally settled on 3 part ranking system that will be different than anything ever done in the sport! To start, the rankings that we’ve posted today are simply our personal rankings from each our staff at FFWCT of each team in each division that has competed in any of our tournaments starting with Battle Orlando last May, averaged between the 4 of us. It’s not perfect yet since many teams have not been able to make a tournament yet, but will be updated in February once Battle Vegas and Battle Orlando have passed and more teams added, while also adding two new factors in the ranking: Media and User Rankings! We will be working with a handful of select flag football related media outlets to cast their vote on the ranking of teams that will be factored into our rankings, and also providing a User ranking system through our website giving you and your teammates, friends and family the ability to submit your own rankings which will be a big factor in the formula for our Battle Rankings! More details to come!
Bottom line, it’s more important now than ever to play in as many FFWCT affiliate, Regional and National tournaments as possible to get ranked and accumulate points. It’s also extremely important to register early, as we will be giving away bonus points for any team paying their deposit within the first week of registration opening along with it being a factor in your seeding for Pool Play and Playoffs at the National and World Championships!
If you run or know of a league or tournament in your area and want it to be included in our points and bid system as an affiliated event organizer, click here to find out how to apply!
Comment below with any questions or email us to discuss updating your team name, city/state, captain, and anything else that may be off based on our records!
Travis Burnett

A veteran flag football player and creator of, Travis helped found the Flag Football World Championship Tour as a way to help revitalize and continue growing the sport, work to incorporate more sponsors and bring bigger and better events to the players and fans across the world.

Travis Burnett

A veteran flag football player and creator of, Travis helped found the Flag Football World Championship Tour as a way to help revitalize and continue growing the sport, work to incorporate more sponsors and bring bigger and better events to the players and fans across the world.