The Future of Women’s Flag is Bright with FFWCT

The Future of Women’s Flag is Bright with FFWCT

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What's This?

In the next progression for women’s flag football across the nation, the Flag Football World Championship Tour (FFWCT) is rolling out its women’s flag football division series this Fall of 2018 and Winter of 2019, orchestrated by Mashonda Gilmore and Norman Carter across 12 states! The start of the series will include, national, regional, state and international championships leading to the 2019 World Championships in Arlington, TX. Within the series as it relates to the state championships, the tournaments not only allow teams from within each state to fight to become their state champion, but also allows teams to defend against other opponents coming in from neighboring states to steal their crown for double points! Points earned by winning teams goes into a pool representing their home state where one state will emerge as the most dominant flag football state in the country at the end of the year, earning every participating team from their state bonus points going into the next year!

Experience the Battle Orlando National Championships this January

We are welcoming all women’s teams to the Battle of Orlando Nationals in Orlando, Florida this year to encounter an amazing experience from affordable housing, to the location, prizes, giveaways and the overall atmosphere of vendors throughout athletes village. Our goal is to continue to serve our customers a quality product and carry on the tradition of great football and competition. Each day we are building our girls division, women’s/college division (non-contact) and our women’s (contact) division. We want to hear from you so please reach out to our staff for any questions you may have.

Pushing for Women to Play at the Highest Levels

The FFWCT girls and women series brings together some of the best athletes from across the world for great competition, hospitality and memories. These events are geared to give all girls and women across each style a great experience. Our events will give girls and women opportunities that haven’t been available to them previously, with chances to compete at a high level and be ranked. Furthermore, they will have an opportunity to explore the world through flag football! As we are vastly building up the west coast along with the international entities, we are continuing to improve what has been developed thus far on the east coast.

FFWCT recognizes the significant goal to showcase girls and women on the highest platform at a consistent pace, progressively developing relationships across the spectrum setting a stage for women to play nationally and internationally. Our goal is not only to help women play at the IFAF World Championship Games for the Gold, but to eventually have the opportunity for them to play in the Olympics by 2028 through our national and international relationships.




Looking to add a state championship, world championship and an opportunity to be eligible to part of our Hall of Fame. Now is your chance and with so much at stake the competition is sure to be top notch!


All teams will earn Battle Points for participating, and winning teams will win 2x Champions Points used for rankings and seeding into our National and World Championships. Out of state teams will earn 4x champions points for their team and home state as a reward for travelling and in-state teams are encouraged to be well represented in each division as to not let other teams steal big points for themselves and their state! For example, if a Texas team is playing and wins a 5v5 PRO division in the Texas State Championship, they’d earn 200 Battle Points for participating and 200 additional champions points for winning, for 400 total points to their rankings. If a Louisiana team came into Texas and won the same division in the Texas State Championship, they’d earn 200 participation points plus 400 champions points, for 600 total points.


Each winning team will receive trophies and Battle Points along with a FREE 1/2 bid to either National Championships and a 1/2 bid to next year’s World Championship on May 26-28, 2019 in Arlington, TX.


State Championships will be used in qualifying teams, players and coaches to cement their legacy in the Flag Football Hall of Fame! While details have yet to be announced, participation and awards earned from State Championships will be criteria for being inducted!


One of the most argued topics in flag football is which state has the best flag football teams and competition in the country, and now you can fight for your state to claim that right officially! In each of the 13 State Championships and 2 National Championships spread out across the country, points earned by winning teams will also go into a pool representing their state, where teams who participated from the top 5 point-earning states at the end of the year will earn special bonuses going into the World Championships!

Those bonuses include:

  • Participating teams from the top 5 states earn bonus points for Worlds. 500 for participating teams from 1st place state, 400 for 2nd, 300 for 3rd, 200 for 4th and 100 for 5th.
  • The top team based on points earned from the top state will automatically earn the top draft choice position at the World Championships in their division. For example if Nevada ends up the #1 state after the series concludes and the Raiders are the team who earned the most points from their state in the series in the 4v4 PRO division, they’d automatically earn the #1 draft choice in that division at our World Championships regardless of their total Battle Points at that time.
  • All participating teams from the top state will earn home-field advantage at the World Championships. For example, if Ohio places first in the end of year state rankings as the top state, all Ohio teams would automatically win the coin flip for each game they participate in at the World Championships, essentially giving them home-field advantage.

Registration is now open so click on the tournament above to get your team signed up and help spread the word.

Travis Burnett

A veteran flag football player and creator of, Travis helped found the Flag Football World Championship Tour as a way to help revitalize and continue growing the sport, work to incorporate more sponsors and bring bigger and better events to the players and fans across the world.