Your credit has been officially applied and accessible towards future USA Flag tournament registrations. Be sure and read through the FAQ and Terms and Conditions again below for more information on what to expect, and we will notify you ASAP in the event of a Buccaneer Super Bowl Championship we can all celebrate!

Freuently asked questions

Yes, a $50 deposit is required for all tournaments as an initial payment. Any additional balance is eligible for credits to be applied once a deposit is paid. 

Once a deposit is paid, you may email [email protected] to notify us of your desire to utilize your credits towards any remaining balance and it will be applied.

We will issue a check in the mail to the billing address submitted on this form for the total spent on your credit purchase by February 28th, 2023.

The credit you purchase does not have an expiration date and will be available for you to use towards USA Flag registrations indefinitely. 

The credit purchased will be made available to be applied to any USA Flag State, Open, National or World Championship tournament indefinitely.

Then you still get to keep your credit and your 10% credit bonus to be used towards future USA Flag tournaments! Win/win!


There are no refunds, all payments for credits will be final. Credits are valid towards any registered team as requested by the purchaser only.

This promotion is not directly affiliated or supported by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tom Brady or NFL in any way.