What is Sanctioning

The differences in standards from one flag football tournament to another has created uncertainty in the marketplace for players and coaches. To help address the need for standardization, the USA Flag sanctioning program provides an operational framework to create a more consistent experience.

USA Flag sanctioning is a designation given to leagues and tournaments that have adopted a set of operational and safety standards set forward by USA Flag. When these tournament standards and best practices are adopted in their entirety, events create a more positive experience for participants while receiving insurance and marketing benefits from USA Flag.

Benefits to Participants

Have you ever been to a tournament and been left guessing: what rules are we playing? Where are the trainers? Why is no one at the information tent? Who holds this event owner accountable to their promises? What happens if my child gets hurt at the event? Flag football tournaments all operate differently and at different levels of quality.

A USA Flag sanctioned Tournament has met a set of operational and safety standards to guarantee a consistent playing environment so that coaches, parents, players and all other event attendees will know what to expect from each event.


Looking to get your league points and receive discounted entries to award to your teams? Below are the benefits, requirements and additional options you can choose for enhancing each event!


Sanctioned events are officially approved, vetted and recommended by USA Flag that will receive our backing and promotion nationwide.


All affiliated requirements plus:



*Two 1/2 bids will be freely awarded by USA Flag to all Youth and High School sanctioned tournaments regardless of classification.


An added bonus of being affiliated or sanctioned with USA Flag is the ability to opt into our event insurance coverage plan that will allow you sufficient coverage for venue use nationwide.


    Opt in to our event liability insurance plan for assisting secure your venues and protect your organization.


Sanctioning Benefits

Rights to use USA Flag Affiliated or Sanctioned Logo

Add our USA Flag Affiliated or Sanction Logo seal to your website, registration page and/or promotional material. This will instantly add credibility along with letting teams know what benefits, like National Ranking Points and Paid Bids, they will receive by participating in your event. 

Listed on USA Flag Sanctioned Event Directory

As a sanctioned event, USA Flag will add you to the sanction event directory with a link back to your website as well as posted to our Facebook with over 40,000 flag football players and fans.

Earn Points towards National & World Championships

At the conclusion of your event, you will submit your final results so your teams can earn Ranking Points towards the official flag football National and World Championships. The level of your Sanctioning will mandate which level of points your teams will receive within their competition level (PRO, Comp, Rec & Amateur) 

Participating Teams added to National Rankings

As a reward , all of your participating teams will be added to our National Rankings after your event and will earn points based on how they finished. Teams can then see where they stand against other teams in their division from around the country. Teams also find that this helps them obtain sponsorship since their team is being nationally recognized.

Discount on Paid Bids to Nationals

As a Sanction Event Director, you will be able to purchase National Paid Bids at a discount to give as a reward for your championship teams. We will also notify the teams of the bid they won from your event and give them details on how they can redeem them to participate in the National Championships. 

Event Add-On Benefits

Event Insurance Coverage

No insurance? No problem! Average insurance can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars per season or event, but as an official USA Flag Sanctioned league or tournament organizer you can request inclusion in our $1,000,000 liability insurance program for only $99 to be used for facility rental and other uses! Simply request your certificate with information on who to be named on the document within 3 weeks of the event being held! 


Sanctioning Requirements

USA Flag Event Standards

USA Flag sanctioned events need to meet a set of operational and safety standards to guarantee a consistent playing environment so that coaches, parents, players and all other event attendees will know what to expect from each event.

30-90 Day Application Notice

If you would like to get your event sanctioned, fill out the online application. We recommend you allow a minimum of 30 days for Locally Sanctioned, 60 days for Regional Sanctioned and 90 days for Nationally Sanctioned. Events are not officially USA Flag sanctioned until application has been approved

Award Bids towards Nationals to Winning Teams

Determined by your level of sanctioning, you must purchase a minimum of ½ paid bids for each of your division champions. This is given as a reward to your winning team(s). As a USA Flag Affiliated or Sanctioned director, you will be able to purchase these bids at a discounted rate. 

Display USA Flag Affiliated or Sanctioned Event Logo

As a USA Flag Affiliated or Sanctioned event, you will have the right to use the Sanctioned Event Logo seal. This should be added to all promotional materials such as event players, along with being displayed on the event registration page. You can also add it to other things like onsite banners and brackets. 

Share Captains Contact Information

At the conclusion of your event, you will be required to turn in a team captain for each team, along with an email address and phone number. This information will be used to inform the teams of their ranking points, how to redeem bids and more information about future tournaments.

Sanctioned Events must have a proven track record

To officially be promoted and backed by the USA Flag, your event must have a proven track record of meeting our minimum event standards and generally accepted as a quality event. First year events are generally not accepted for new directors. 

May not be in same region or date range as other sanctioned events for similar styles

Sanctioned events are held to a higher standard due to our backing and promotion and therefore will be subject to approval for date and location in order to be accepted. Any event believed to be in competition with other sanctioned events within a similar date range and location with similar styles offered will be subject to rejection at the discretion of the USA Flag staff. 

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