Below are the current 2018 FFWCT Texas State Battle Points and Rankings, earned through sanctioned leagues and tournaments! For a full list of all categories including total wins, losses, participation points, order of finish, bonus points and tournament titles CLICK HERE!

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Lights Out5v5 Gauntlet Womens PRODallasTX15001330
Lights Out5v5 Non-Contact Womens PRODallasTX15001020
Venus Truck Shop (VTS)5v5 Non-Contact Mens PROVenusTX13001020
Vengeance8v8 Screen Coed CompetitiveDallasTX11001040
Your Tax Gurus5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRODallasTX1300790
Freaks4v4 Mens PRODallasTX1200880
Your Tax Gurus4v4 Mens PRODallasTX1200800
Shruumz5v5 Non-Contact Mens CompetitiveAustinTX10001000
Shruumz5v5 Contact Womens PROAustinTX1000900
Freaks5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRODallasTX1200700
Unknown7v7 Screen Mens CompetitiveLubbockTX8001040
Allen Elite5v5 Gauntlet Mens PROAllenTX1100720
Vengeance5v5 Non-Contact Coed CompetitiveDallasTX1000740
Shruumz5v5 Non-Contact Womens PROAustinTX1000740
Your Tax Gurus5v5 Gauntlet Mens PRODallasTX900800
The Headhunters7v7 Screen Mens CompetitiveAustinTX900730
Fury Elite5v5 Non-Contact Coed CompetitiveAllenTX1000600
Houston Main Event8v8 Screen Coed PROHoustonTX800770
Allen Elite5v5 Non-Contact Mens PROAllenTX1100380
Shruumz5v5 Contact Mens CompetitiveAustinTX900560
Freaks5v5 Air-It-Out Mens PRODallasTX700700
Shruumz5v5 Gauntlet Womens PROAustinTX700700
Lightz Out5v5 Non-Contact Womens CompetitiveHoustonTX600750
Humble Beasts5v5 Non-Contact Coed PROAustinTX800480
Young Guns7v7 Screen Mens PROHoustonTX800480
Hips & Dips5v5 Non-Contact Coed PRODallasTX900360
Venus Truck Shop (VTS) 2.05v5 Non-Contact Mens PROVenusTX800400
RedRum5v5 Non-Contact Mens RecreationalDallasTX725460
Lights Out5v5 Air-It-Out Womens PRODallasTX700480
HTX Heat8v8 Screen Coed CompetitiveHoustonTX700480
Voodoo5v5 Non-Contact Mens RecreationalAmarilloTX500660
RedRum7v7 Screen Mens RecreationalDallasTX700460
K.O.V.5v5 Air-It-Out Mens PROAubreyTX700440
All Day5v5 Non-Contact Mens RecreationalMcKinneyTX600540
Dipz & Drip5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRODallasTX900180
Shruumz5v5 Gauntlet Mens CompetitiveAustinTX500560
RedRum5v5 Non-Contact Mens O35DallasTX800240
Texas Prospects7v7 Screen Mens PROIrvingTX800240
K.O.V.5v5 Non-Contact Mens PROAubreyTX700300
Adrenaline7v7 Screen Womens PRODallasTX500500
HTX Heat5v5 Non-Contact Coed CompetitiveHoustonTX500480
PUR H2O5v5 Non-Contact Womens PROAustinTX800160
Texas Lonestarz7v7 Screen Mens RecreationalLubbockTX500460
Donut Pho w/Us5v5 Non-Contact Coed PRODallasTX500450
Lights Out-Supreme Edition8v8 Contact Womens PRODallasTX500450
Bless Bros5v5 Non-Contact Mens CompetitiveDallasTX650280
Venus Truck Shop (VTS)5v5 Gauntlet Mens PROVenusTX500400
Your Tax Gurus5v5 Gauntlet Womens PRODallasTX500400
Poles N Holes5v5 Non-Contact Coed PROHoustonTX500400
Humble Beasts8v8 Screen Coed PROAustinTX500400
Houston Rabbitz8v8 Screen Coed CompetitiveHoustonTX700180
SA Legacy5v5 Non-Contact Mens CompetitiveSan AntonioTX450420
Dipz & Drip4v4 Mens PRODallasTX700160
Texas Fully Loaded5v5 Non-Contact Coed PROArlingtonTX80060
K.O.V.4v4 Mens CompetitiveAubreyTX500350
Dipz & Drip5v5 Gauntlet Mens CompetitiveDallasTX400450
AllFlagFootball.com5v5 Non-Contact Coed CompetitiveHoustonTX600240
Lights Out5v5 Contact Womens PRODallasTX500300
YTG West5v5 Gauntlet Mens CompetitiveDallasTX400400
Academy5v5 Non-Contact Womens PRODallasTX400400
Houston Smokin Aces7v7 Screen Mens CompetitiveHoustonTX400400
PUR H2O7v7 Screen Womens PROAustinTX500300
Crazy Cheetahs8v8 Screen Coed PROAustinTX500300
RedRum4v4 Mens CompetitiveDallasTX600180
Houston Smokin Aces8v8 Contact Mens CompetitiveHoustonTX400350
Deez Handz5v5 Non-Contact Mens CompetitiveTylerTX65080
ATX Slime5v5 Gauntlet Mens CompetitiveAustinTX400300
CTX Squad7v7 Screen Mens CompetitiveAustinTX400300
Poles N Holes8v8 Screen Coed PROHoustonTX500200
Good Vibes5v5 Non-Contact Womens CompetitiveCoppellTX500190
Austin O7v7 Screen Mens RecreationalAustinTX350340
Lonestarz5v5 Non-Contact Mens RecreationalLubbockTX400280
SA SuperBad5v5 Non-Contact Coed CompetitiveSan AntonioTX60060
Venus Truck Shop XFL5v5 Non-Contact Mens CompetitiveVenusTX350300
Voodoo4v4 Mens RecreationalAmarilloTX500120
Wakanda5v5 Air-It-Out Womens PRODallasTX300300
Your Tax Gurus5v5 Non-Contact Mens O35DallasTX300300
IWATS5v5 Non-Contact Mens RecreationalDallasTX425160
Your Tax Gurus5v5 Air-It-Out Mens PRODallasTX300270
Drip City5v5 Non-Contact Mens CompetitiveDallasTX250320
Sugar Land Storm7v7 Screen Mens PROSugar LandTX300270
K.O.V.4v4 Mens PROAubreyTX400160
Savage5v5 Non-Contact Mens CompetitiveAustinTX50060
MBK5v5 Non-Contact Mens RecreationalAmarilloTX50060
UA5v5 Non-Contact Mens O35Fort WorthTX300240
17 Stripes5v5 Non-Contact Womens PROAustinTX300240
Just Blaze5v5 Non-Contact Womens PRODallasTX300240
Dingos6v6 Contact Mens PROGrand PrairieTX300240
SA Field Mob7v7 Screen Mens PROSan AntonioTX300240
UnderRated8v8 Screen Coed CompetitiveDallasTX300240
Built Different5v5 Non-Contact Mens RecreationalMesquiteTX400120
ATX Slime4v4 Mens CompetitiveAustinTX400100
Allen Elite4v4 Mens PROAllenTX5000
Looney Tues4v4 Mens PRODallasTX5000
TXBoyz5v5 Gauntlet Mens CompetitiveDallasTX400100
Unknown5v5 Gauntlet Mens CompetitiveLubbockTX400100
SA Mob-Out5v5 Non-Contact Coed CompetitiveSan AntonioTX200300
UnderRated5v5 Non-Contact Coed CompetitiveWataugaTX300200
HardHeads5v5 Non-Contact Coed PRODallasTX5000
Your Tax Gurus-B.C.5v5 Non-Contact Coed PRODallasTX5000
Hipsters5v5 Non-Contact Mens CompetitiveFort WorthTX400100
1st 485v5 Non-Contact Mens O35Fort WorthTX5000
15 Stars5v5 Non-Contact Womens CompetitiveAustinTX200300
YTG5v5 Non-Contact Womens PRODallasTX5000
Dustin Got Fat4v4 Mens PROLucasTX300180
Dingos5v5 Air-It-Out Mens PROGrand PrairieTX300180
Sugar Land Storm5v5 Non-Contact Coed PROSugar LandTX300180
Allen Elite5v5 Non-Contact Mens O35AllenTX300180
Dustin Got Fat5v5 Non-Contact Mens PROLucasTX300180
Squad8v8 Screen Coed CompetitiveWacoTX300180
RedRum5v5 Gauntlet Mens CompetitiveDallasTX200270
Done Deal5v5 Non-Contact Coed CompetitiveDallasTX200270
Bhad Bunniez5v5 Non-Contact Womens CompetitiveHoustonTX200270
Your Tax Gurus-Comp4v4 Mens CompetitiveDallasTX200240
Venom5v5 Non-Contact Mens CompetitiveDallasTX200240
1 Dad 2 Many Bachelors7v7 Screen Mens CompetitiveIrvingTX200240
SA Primetime Flag Football5v5 Non-Contact Coed CompetitiveSan AntonioTX300120
Legion5v5 Non-Contact Coed CompetitiveDallasTX4000
ATX Slime5v5 Non-Contact Mens CompetitiveAustinTX4000
Lace Up5v5 Non-Contact Mens RecreationalGrand PrairiesTX300100
SA Primetime Flag Football5v5 Non-Contact Mens RecreationalSan AntonioTX4000
Xclusive5v5 Non-Contact Mens RecreationalArlingtonTX300100
Volt5v5 Non-Contact Womens CompetitiveDallasTX4000
RGV Supermen7v7 Screen Mens RecreationalMcAllenTX300100
Space Monkey Mafia5v5 Non-Contact Mens RecreationalDallasTX225160
Shruumz RR4v4 Mens CompetitiveAustinTX30080
Your Tax Gurus-Comp5v5 Gauntlet Mens CompetitiveDallasTX200180
Lightz Out7v7 Screen Mens RecreationalHoustonTX200180
49ers5v5 Non-Contact Mens RecreationalLubbockTX100270
Shruumz5v5 Non-Contact Coed PROAustinTX30060
Sugar Land Storm5v5 Non-Contact Mens PROSugar LandTX30060
Young Guns5v5 Non-Contact Mens PROHoustonTX30060
Your Tax Gurus South5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRODallasTX30060
F55v5 Non-Contact Mens RecreationalDallasTX200160
Squad5v5 Non-Contact Womens PROWacoTX30060
Not For Hire5v5 Non-Contact Mens RecreationalLucasTX100240
UA5v5 Non-Contact Mens RecreationalFort WorthTX100240
All Day4v4 Mens RecreationalMcKinneyTX3000
Austin O4v4 Mens RecreationalAustinTX3000
MBK4v4 Mens RecreationalAmarilloTX3000
Shruumz4v4 Mens RecreationalAustinTX3000
Ubuntu4v4 Mens RecreationalLubbockTX3000
V.I.P.Z.4v4 Mens RecreationalAmarilloTX3000
Shruumz RR5v5 Non-Contact Mens CompetitiveAustinTX3000
Austin O5v5 Non-Contact Mens RecreationalAustinTX3000
Dolphins5v5 Non-Contact Mens RecreationalTylerTX3000
FAF5v5 Non-Contact Mens RecreationalArlingtonTX3000
RGV 5 Supermen5v5 Non-Contact Mens RecreationalMcAllenTX3000
Shruumz5v5 Non-Contact Mens RecreationalAustinTX3000
Dingos5v5 Non-Contact Mens RecreationalGrand PrairieTX100180
Legendz5v5 Non-Contact Mens RecreationalDallasTX100180
TXD5v5 Non-Contact Mens RecreationalDallasTX100180
Wolfpack5v5 Non-Contact Mens RecreationalArlingtonTX100180
LoyaltyOnly5v5 Non-Contact Coed CompetitiveEulessTX20060
NextUp5v5 Non-Contact Mens CompetitiveLubbockTX20060
Warriors5v5 Non-Contact Mens CompetitiveFort WorthTX100160
#REDALERT7v7 Screen Mens RecreationalHoustonTX20060
K.O.V.7v7 Screen Mens RecreationalAubreyTX20060
XCLUSIVE7v7 Screen Mens RecreationalArlingtonTX20060
Speed Demons5v5 Non-Contact Mens RecreationalFort WorthTX125130
Dallas Outlaws5v5 Non-Contact Mens RecreationalCedar HillTX125120
Lightning5v5 Non-Contact Mens CompetitiveDallasTX100120
Rise Up5v5 Non-Contact Coed CompetitiveDallasTX100100
Fusion5v5 Non-Contact Mens CompetitiveFort WorthTX2000
HTX F.E.A.R.5v5 Non-Contact Mens CompetitiveHoustonTX2000
Rise Up5v5 Non-Contact Womens CompetitiveDallasTX100100
Pro Bono5v5 Non-Contact Coed CompetitiveDallasTX10090
SHECAN27v7 Screen Womens PROHoustonTX10090
Run N Gun5v5 Non-Contact Mens RecreationalWichita FallsTX12560
Venus Truck Shop (VTS)5v5 Non-Contact Coed CompetitiveVenusTX10080
Spitting Llamas5v5 Non-Contact Mens PROEl PasoTX10080
210Noles5v5 Non-Contact Coed CompetitiveSan AntonioTX10060
Crazy Cheetahs5v5 Non-Contact Coed CompetitiveAustinTX10060
SlipNSlide5v5 Non-Contact Mens PROSan AntonioTX10060
Tyler BBQ Chicken5v5 Non-Contact Mens RecreationalTylerTX10060
V165v5 Non-Contact Mens RecreationalAmarilloTX10060
SHECAN25v5 Non-Contact Womens PROHoustonTX10060
Texas Prospects5v5 Non-Contact Mens CompetitiveIrvingTX5090
Mambas5v5 Non-Contact Mens RecreationalWichita FallsTX10040
Ice Up5v5 Non-Contact Mens CompetitiveDallasTX5060
N4H5v5 Non-Contact Mens RecreationalAllenTX2580
Bad Boys5v5 Non-Contact Mens RecreationalLongviewTX2560
Prowling Purple Pandas5v5 Non-Contact Mens CompetitiveTomballTX5020
Rise Up5v5 Non-Contact Mens CompetitiveFort WorthTX5020
ASAP5v5 Non-Contact Mens RecreationalFort WorthTX2520
bEAST TEXAS5v5 Non-Contact Mens RecreationalKaufmanTX2520
Dream Kings5v5 Non-Contact Mens RecreationalDallasTX2520
SA Old Skool Seminoles5v5 Non-Contact Mens RecreationalSan AntonioTX2520
Spartans5v5 Non-Contact Mens RecreationalRoyse CityTX2520