Below are the current 2018 FFWCT Texas State Battle Points and Rankings, earned through sanctioned leagues and tournaments! For a full list of all categories including total wins, losses, participation points, order of finish, bonus points and tournament titles CLICK HERE!

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Your Tax Gurus5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRODallasTX800800
Freaks5v5 Non-Contact Coed PRODallasTX800750
Your Tax Gurus5v5 Non-Contact Coed PRODallasTX800740
Lights Out5v5 Gauntlet Womens PRODallasTX800720
Shruumz5v5 Non-Contact Womens PROAustinTX800690
Lightz Out5v5 Air-It-Out Womens CompetitiveHoustonTX700740
Shruumz5v5 Non-Contact Mens CompetitiveAustinTX700640
Good Vibes5v5 Air-It-Out Womens CompetitiveCoppellTX700580
Shruumz5v5 Gauntlet Womens PROAustinTX800480
Renegades5v5 Non-Contact Womens PROSan AntonioTX800480
Shruumz7v7 Screen Mens PROAustinTX800370
GameChanger5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRODallasTX800360
HTX Heat5v5 Non-Contact Coed RecreationalHoustonTX600480
Your Tax Gurus4v4 Mens PRODallasTX500500
Your Tax Gurus5v5 Gauntlet Mens PRODallasTX500500
Shruumz7v7 Screen Womens PROAustinTX500500
Venus Truck Shop (VTS)5v5 Air-It-Out Mens CompetitiveVenusTX700290
Renegades5v5 Air-It-Out Womens PROSan AntonioTX800180
Lightz Out5v5 Non-Contact Womens CompetitiveHoustonTX700280
Freaks4v4 Mens PRODallasTX500450
Wakanda5v5 Air-It-Out Womens PRODallasTX500450
Lightz Out5v5 Collegiate Womens U23HoustonTX500450
GameChanger5v5 Gauntlet Mens PRODallasTX500450
Freaks5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRODallasTX500450
PurH2O7v7 Screen Womens PROHoustonTX500450
Good Vibes5v5 Non-Contact Womens CompetitiveDallasTX600340
Humble Beasts5v5 Non-Contact Coed PROAustinTX800110
Texas Fury5v5 Collegiate Womens U23AustinTX500400
Shruumz5v5 Contact Womens PROAustinTX500400
Vengeance5v5 Non-Contact Coed CompetitiveDallasTX400500
Bless Bros5v5 Non-Contact Mens CompetitiveDallasTX400500
CenTex TakeOver5v5 Non-Contact Mens CompetitiveKileenTX600300
Vengeance8v8 Screen Coed CompetitiveDallasTX400500
Humble Beasts8v8 Screen Coed PROAustonTX500400
All Star Insurance (ASI)5v5 Non-Contact Mens CompetitiveVenusTX600280
Sa Mob-Out5v5 Non-Contact Coed CompetitiveSan AntonioTX700160
Venus Truck Shop (VTS)5v5 Non-Contact Mens PROVenusTX80060
Shruumz5v5 Contact Mens CompetitiveAustinTX400450
UnderRated5v5 Non-Contact Coed CompetitiveDallasTX400450
Los Cochinos8v8 Contact Mens O35AustinTX500350
1st 484v4 Mens O35DallasTX500300
Lights Out5v5 Air-It-Out Womens PRODallasTX500300
Allen Elite5v5 Gauntlet Mens CompetitiveAllenTX400400
Done Deal5v5 Non-Contact Coed RecreationalDallasTX300500
Not For Hire5v5 Non-Contact Mens O35DallasTX500300
Hipsters5v5 Non-Contact Mens RecreationalFort WorthTX300500
Voodoo5v5 Non-Contact Mens RecreationalAmarilloTX500300
Austin O7v7 Screen Mens PROAustinTX500300
BCS Untouchables7v7 Screen Mens RecreationalCaldwellTX300500
Fury Elite5v5 Non-Contact Coed CompetitiveAllenTX70060
K.O.V.5v5 Non-Contact Mens RecreationalAubreyTX300450
CenTex Takeover5v5 Gauntlet Mens CompetitiveKileenTX400300
Hips & Dips5v5 Non-Contact Coed CompetitiveDallasTX400300
BCS Untouchables5v5 Non-Contact Mens AmateurCaldwellTX200500
Not For Hire5v5 Non-Contact Mens RecreationalDallasTX300400
HTX Heat8v8 Screen Coed CompetitiveHoustonTX400300
UnderRated8v8 Screen Coed CompetitiveDallasTX400300
GameChanger4v4 Mens PRODallasTX500100
BBQ Chicken5v5 Air-It-Out Mens PRODallasTX300300
Freaks5v5 Air-It-Out Mens PRODallasTX500100
Shruumz5v5 Air-It-Out Mens RecreationalAustinTX300300
UA5v5 Air-It-Out Mens RecreationalFort WorthTX300300
Slice5v5 Gauntlet Womens PRODallasTX300300
UA5v5 Non-Contact Mens O35Fort WorthTX500100
Shruumz5v5 Non-Contact Mens RecreationalAustinTX300300
Lights Out5v5 Non-Contact Womens PRODallasTX500100
Texas Prospects7v7 Screen Mens PROIrvingTX500100
Your Tax Gurus7v7 Screen Mens PRODallasTX300300
Bhad Bunniez7v7 Screen Womens PROHoustonTX500100
Houston Smokin Aces8v8 Contact Mens CompetitiveHoustonTX400200
SoIcy5v5 Air-It-Out Mens PRODallasTX300270
Slice5v5 Air-It-Out Womens PRODallasTX300270
GameChanger5v5 Non-Contact Coed PRODallasTX300270
SoIcy5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRODallasTX300270
SA Primetime Flag Football5v5 Non-Contact Mens RecreationalSan AntonioTX50060
HOF5v5 Non-Contact Coed PRODallasTX300240
Young Guns5v5 Non-Contact Mens PROHoustonTX300240
Slice5v5 Non-Contact Womens PRODallasTX300240
Transfer Portal7v7 Screen Mens PROAubreyTX300240
Young Guns7v7 Screen Mens PROHoustonTX300240
Venus Truck Shop (VTS)4v4 Mens PROVenusTX5000
Dingos5v5 Air-It-Out Mens CompetitiveGrand PrairiesTX200300
RedRum5v5 Gauntlet Mens CompetitiveDallasTX400100
Shruumz5v5 Gauntlet Mens CompetitiveAustinTX400100
Dipz & Drip5v5 Non-Contact Mens CompetitiveDallasTX400100
Past Our Primetime5v5 Non-Contact Mens O35AustinTX5000
Top Dollar Flint Elite5v5 Non-Contact Mens PROFort WorthTX5000
Texas Fury5v5 Non-Contact Womens CompetitiveAustinTX200300
Academy5v5 Non-Contact Womens PRODallasTX5000
sqUad5v5 Non-Contact Womens PROAustinTX5000
Centex Killa O7v7 Screen Mens CompetitiveSan AntonioTX200300
Texas Fury5v5 Air-It-Out Womens CompetitiveAustinTX300180
#ShutUpNPull5v5 Non-Contact Coed CompetitiveSan AntonioTX300180
Team Name5v5 Non-Contact Coed CompetitiveDallasTX300180
Lunatics5v5 Non-Contact Mens PROHoustonTX300180
Transfer Portal5v5 Non-Contact Mens PROAubreyTX300180
DHS Goons7v7 Screen Mens PROMansfieldTX300180
Ferrari Boyz7v7 Screen Mens PROHoustonTX300180
Lunatics7v7 Screen Mens PROHoustonTX300180
Seminoles7v7 Screen Mens PROGrand PrairieTX300180
Shruumz RR5v5 Air-It-Out Mens CompetitiveAustinTX200270
RGV Cucuys5v5 Non-Contact Mens CompetitiveMcAllenTX200270
Austin Headhunters7v7 Screen Mens CompetitiveAustinTX200270
Demboyz5v5 Air-It-Out Mens RecreationalSan AntonioTX200240
Grizzles5v5 Non-Contact Mens CompetitiveFort WorthTX200240
Shruumz RR5v5 Non-Contact Mens CompetitiveAustinTX200240
La She-Unit5v5 Non-Contact Womens CompetitiveSan AntonioTX200240
Demboyz7v7 Screen Mens CompetitiveSan AntonioTX200240
San Antonio New Era7v7 Screen Mens CompetitiveSan AntonioTX200240
CenTex TakeOver4v4 Mens CompetitiveKileenTX4000
Bless Bros4v4 Mens RecreationalDallasTX300100
K.O.V.4v4 Mens RecreationalAubreyTX300100
K.O.V.5v5 Air-It-Out Mens CompetitiveAubreyTX4000
Hipsters5v5 Air-It-Out Mens RecreationalFort WorthTX300100
Fully Loaded5v5 Non-Contact Coed CompetitiveArlingtonTX4000
SA 210Noles5v5 Non-Contact Coed CompetitiveSan AntonioTX4000
Austin O5v5 Non-Contact Mens CompetitiveAustinTX4000
RedRum5v5 Non-Contact Mens RecreationalDallasTX300100
Bhad Bunniez5v5 Non-Contact Womens CompetitiveHoustonTX4000
RedRum7v7 Screen Mens CompetitiveDallasTX4000
All Star Insurance (ASI)5v5 Air-It-Out Mens RecreationalVenusTX200180
Killeen SouthSide5v5 Air-It-Out Mens RecreationalKilleenTX200180
Run N Shoot5v5 Air-It-Out Mens RecreationalAustinTX200180
Run N Shoot5v5 Non-Contact Mens RecreationalAustinTX200180
Sho' Nuff5v5 Non-Contact Mens RecreationalSan AntonioTX200180
Silent Assassins5v5 Non-Contact Mens RecreationalMcAllenTX200180
Apex Elite Predators7v7 Screen Mens CompetitiveSan AntonioTX200180
Gamecocks7v7 Screen Mens CompetitiveAustinTX200180
SA Old Skool Seminoles7v7 Screen Mens CompetitiveSan AntonioTX200180
F.E.A.R.5v5 Non-Contact Coed CompetitiveHoustonTX30060
Roadrunners5v5 Non-Contact Coed CompetitiveAustinTX30060
SA Primetime Flag Football5v5 Non-Contact Coed CompetitiveSan AntonioTX30060
East Texas Greatness5v5 Non-Contact Mens PRODallasTX30060
KremeTeam5v5 Non-Contact Mens PROTeagueTX30060
RedRum4v4 Mens RecreationalDallasTX3000
Shiesty SZN4v4 Mens RecreationalAustinTX3000
Shruumz RR4v4 Mens RecreationalAustinTX3000
Voodoo4v4 Mens RecreationalAmarilloTX3000
Next Up5v5 Air-It-Out Mens RecreationalHoustonTX3000
Zoom Squad5v5 Air-It-Out Mens RecreationalAustinTX3000
MBK5v5 Non-Contact Mens RecreationalAmarilloTX3000
Presshaa dba 49ners5v5 Non-Contact Mens RecreationalLubbocksTX3000
Shietsty SZN5v5 Non-Contact Mens RecreationalAustinTX3000
Texas HighRollers5v5 Non-Contact Mens RecreationalDel RioTX3000
Y.G.F.P.5v5 Non-Contact Mens RecreationalMesquiteTX3000
Dirt Devil8v8 Contact Mens RecreationalHoustonTX3000
Demboyz5v5 Non-Contact Mens RecreationalSan AntonioTX20060
EP Super Saiyans7v7 Screen Mens CompetitiveEl PasoTX20060
Pocos Pero Locos7v7 Screen Mens CompetitiveAustinTX20060
Next Up4v4 Mens AmateurHoustonTX2000
Zoom Squad4v4 Mens AmateurAustinTX2000
Bad Boys5v5 Non-Contact Mens AmateurLongviewTX2000
Built Different5v5 Non-Contact Mens AmateurMesquiteTX2000
Only Fanz5v5 Non-Contact Mens AmateurHoustonTX2000
UA5v5 Non-Contact Mens AmateurFort WorthTX2000
Zoom Squad5v5 Non-Contact Mens AmateurAustinTX2000