8v8 Contact Warzone Division Announced

8v8 Contact Warzone Division Announced

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What's This?
Flag Football is an ever-evolving sport with different styles playing the same type of format multiple ways depending on specific regions. FFWCT is proud to introduce its all-new fast paced variation of 8v8 Contact lineman eligible. Starting in select markets for regional tournaments in 2021, teams will have the opportunity to try out 8v8 contact Warzone!

What is the Warzone style

 Here are some quick details about 8v8 Contact Warzone.
  • Standard 8v8 Contact lineman eligible Base Rules Apply
  • No Kicking, Punts, Kick Offs or Field Goals
  • Teams start from the 35-yard line with (4) plays to get a 1st down by reaching the 20-yard line
  • Once a first down is achieved, the team then has (4) plays to score
  • Both teams go the same direction much like High school 7v7
  • If the defense intercepts a pass and returns it past the 45-yard line, it will count for an automatic 8pts (6pt TD & 2pts for an automatic conversion)
  • Sonic Flags are utilized for 8v8 Contact Warzone

Think warzone in your favorite video games, basically creating a smaller map with a more intense environment and fast paced game.

Why did we add this style?

8v8 Contact Warzone allows the tournaments to continue to grow. Large format styles utilize an incredible amount of field space thus severely limiting the number of teams that can compete in our ever-growing event series. Warzone will allow us to take more 8v8 contact teams which will increase the amount of competition & increase the variety of teams who can compete in a single weekend.
It also aims to speed up the gameplay, increase the intensity by always being in “scoring” position, and create a fun new spin to the style that can accept more teams in a less-demanding environment.

Will 8v8 contact Warzone be fun?

Of course! It’s still flag football and doesn’t take away from the other core aspects of the 8v8 Contact style. The maintaining of the base rule book will allow all 8v8 players to not miss a beat with its normal game play. The slight tweaks to specific portions of the style will allow for the games to remain tense and increase scoring on offense while highly rewarding defenses who can quickly get stops.
8v8 Contact Warzone will be available in select markets such as the Seattle Regional, Los Angeles Regional, and Panama City Beach Regionals in 2021.
Travis Burnett

A veteran flag football player and creator of FlagSpin.com, Travis helped found the Flag Football World Championship Tour as a way to help revitalize and continue growing the sport, work to incorporate more sponsors and bring bigger and better events to the players and fans across the world.