Battle Orlando Full Details

Battle Orlando Full Details

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What's This?

Battle Orlando is quickly approaching so read below for some important information all captains will need to know!

ALL TEAMS MUST BE PAID IN FULL BY TOMORROW. No registrations will be accepted after Monday. Remember you can play in multiple styles, so if you’re only registered for 4v4 you can also register for either 5v5 or 7v7, and vice versa, but all registrations are final as of tomorrow, Sunday, January 21st at midnight.

JERSEYSALL TEAMS must be in matching uniforms for this event. We will be more lenient for divisions outside of the 4v4 PRO division, but with this division championships being televised and other divisions being featured in part as well, we need EVERYONE to look like this is a professional event if we want to continue growing this at a national level through television. Make sure if at all possible you are all in the same jersey, and preferably have a light and dark option available especially for the championships.

PLAYER BIOS – For all teams in the 4v4 PRO division, we will be sending out a form for you to share with your players and fill out so that we have some background information for our broadcaster to utilize for the championship games. It’s not mandatory but highly recommended you get your players to fill it out so we have the ability to highlight them during the broadcast, with information like where they went to college, occupation, past awards & other general information, along with their number if they’ll be wearing one (which we highly recommend).

SCHEDULES will be released on Wednesday evening. These initial schedules will simply have matchups and times so you know generally when you play, but each team will be selecting their pool position officially at the captains meeting on Friday.

CAPTAINS MEETING & MEDIA DAY is Friday, Jan 26th at Planet Hollywood in Disney Springs on the upstairs balcony from 2pm – 6pm, and be there at the appropriate times per the schedule below!
DRAFT SCHEDULE: (Each division show up ~30 minutes ahead to park and ask questions with our directors and staff)
2:15pm – 5v5 Men’s Screen Recreational
2:30pm – 5v5 Men’s Screen Competitive
2:45pm – 4v4 Men’s Recreational
3:00pm – 4v4 Men’s Competitive
3:15pm – 4v4 Men’s PRO
3:30pm – 7v7 Men’s Recreational
3:45pm – 7v7 Men’s Competitive
4:00pm – 5v5 Youth 16U
4:15pm – 5v5 Youth 14U
4:30pm – 5v5 Youth 12U
4:45pm – 5v5 Youth 10U
5:00pm – 5v5 Youth 8U
5:15pm – 5v5 Youth 6U

ROSTERS AND WAIVERS. Rosters may be turned in at the captains meeting or field but waivers must be turned in at the field at the check-in tent on field 1 (see field map below) to receive player wristbands that everyone MUST have to participate, so all players must check in there. We will have additional copies at the fields to fill out but best to print out ahead of time and be ready to just turn in once you arrive.


FLAGS will not be provided by us so each team is responsible for their own flags, and while we will have some available at the fields for $10 they may not last so advised to make sure you have your own. 4v4/5v5 Adult divisions are wearing Sonic Flags (suction with 2 flags on hips) and 7v7 divisions will wear Triple Threat (three flag where belt is removed). Youth may wear NFL Flag style poppers or Sonic Flags.

YOUTH AGE GROUPS – Remember the age cutoff for youth divisions is August 1st, 2017, and all players or parents will need to have on them a valid form of ID to verify their age. We will only ask for an ID to be presented in the event of a protest where verification is needed.

FIELDS are all turf and field layout is above with field numbers already marked that will coincide with the schedule, so share with your team.

AFTER PARTIES will be held on Saturday and Sunday night at Club Ono with special guests Le’Veon Bell on Saturday and Tyreek Hill on Sunday! To make reservations for your team contact 407-701-9859.

Travis Burnett

A veteran flag football player and creator of, Travis helped found the Flag Football World Championship Tour as a way to help revitalize and continue growing the sport, work to incorporate more sponsors and bring bigger and better events to the players and fans across the world.