FFWCT presents the Youth 5v5 Flag Football World Championships! Teams from all over the world will come down to compete across multiple formats and divisions for all skill levels and ages!
This tournament is OPEN INVITE!! Anyone can enter a team YOU DO NOT HAVE TO QUALIFY for this tournament.

MAY 25 & 26, 2019

Arlington, TX



The youth WILL draft for their pool play positions, and draft seed will be determined by date of registration. Teams who register earlier will have better position for the draft.

PRICE – $350

Referee fees are included in registration fees
Teams can secure a spot with a $50 deposit until April 1st, after that full payment is due at time of registration


April 22nd, 2019 (7pm EST) – $50 late fee will be added on April 23rd, 2019
May 6th, 2019 (7pm EST hard deadline, no registrations or payments accepted past this date)



6U • 7U •  8U • 9U • 10U • 11U • 12U • 13U • 14U •  15U • 16U


ALL TEAMS will use Sonic Flag-a-Tag flags or youth size NFL Flag poppers for all Youth 5v5 formats.



Divisions Offered

6U • 7U •  8U • 9U • 10U • 11U • 12U • 13U • 14U •  15U • 16U
Age cutoff is January 1, 2019

Hotels & Flights

HOTELS: We have already secured the hotels with the lowest possible rates where you can reserve your team block, without having to pay up front! Click here to find a hotel!

AIRPORTS: The closest and largest airport we recommend booking through is DFW, which is about 20 minutes from the facility. You may also book through Love Field, especially if you’re flying Southwest, which is about 35 minutes from the field.

Division Caps

To ensure our event is of the highest quality and best overall experience for the players and staff, we have implemented hard division caps for how many total teams we can accept in each age group. We are expecting each division to fill completely before the registration deadline, so make sure you register ASAP to avoid being left out.

5v5 Youth 6U 16
5v5 Youth 7U 16
5v5 Youth 8U 16
5v5 Youth 9U 16
5v5 Youth 10U 16
5v5 Youth 11U 16
5v5 Youth 12U 16
5v5 Youth 13U 16
5v5 Youth 14U 16
5v5 Youth Girls 14U 16
5v5 Youth 15U 16
5v5 Youth 16U 16
5v5 Youth Girls 16U 16
Draft Party

Friday, May 24, 2019
More info coming soon!

Draft Seeding

Pool Play Seeding is based on when you select your first game on media night during the draft. All teams with 5 or more teams in their division will battle to select their placement on the schedule, where you’ll have a say in who you play, what time and on what field. Coaches will select which seed they want on the schedule in reverse order of their registration date, and you can take any spot on the board, bumping out another team if desired, who would be forced to take an open spot.


Team A has registered last and selects first, and is on the clock (1 minute to decide) . They select the 5th seed on the schedule so they can start at a later time. Team B is up next, and selects the 1st seed to avoid being in the same pool as Team A. Team C is up next, and decides they want to bump Team A out of their spot and steals the 5th seed. Team A then is forced to take an open spot on the board, and selects the 2nd seed place themselves in the same pool as Team B who they think they matchup well against. This continues all the way through the draft until the last 3 teams are left. The only rule exception is that if any of the top 3 teams get bumped out of their spot, they are allowed to bump again. So if Team Z has the most points and is the last to draft and bumps Team X out of their spot who was the 2nd or 3rd highest points, Team X would be allowed to bump another team out so they’re not stuck with the only open spot on the board having earned a top 3 draft position. The team they bump would have to take the last open spot on the board, and the draft would be complete! It is a fun way to select your pool play positions and gives each team coach some input on when, where and who they play!

Pool Play

We do pool play here at the FFWCT, but with a twist to make sure pool play matters and every game counts. Click here for more information on how and why we use pool play for our major tournaments.

Schedule Blocks

Since we do pool play, we’re able to do schedule blocks so you’ll know the time frame your age division will be scheduled to play.

Guaranteed Games

4 game guarantee – 3 pool play games on Saturday plus single elimination bracket on Sunday.


All Youth teams make playoffs. After you finish all of your pool play games, playoffs brackets/seeds will be determined by factors IN THIS ORDER

  1. Overall Record
  2. Head to Head (ONLY applies if EVERY team with the same record played each other directly)
  3. Point Differential
  4. Points Against
  5. Points Scored
  6. Registration Date

Trophies, Individual Medals, and Full Paid Bid to 2020 National Championships if 10 or more teams. If 9 teams or less will get a 1/2 Bid


ALL TEAMS will use Sonic Flag-a-Tag flags or youth size NFL Flag poppers for all Youth 5v5 formats. ALL TEAMS must provide their own flags, you can purchase them on-site as well but they will not be provided.

Paid Bids

If you earned a full or a 1/2 paid bid through winning any of the FFWCT regional, state or national championship events this year that you’ll be redeeming for Worlds, you’ll want to register your team in the “My Team Has a Paid Bid” division. This will allow you to pay the $50 deposit that is required no matter what so we know the team is coming, and will ask you for your division in which we will then move you to that division in short order and will lock you into your registration date for points. If you had a 1/2 bid, we will apply your credit and you will still have a small outstanding balance that will need to be paid before the deadline. For teams with a full bid, this is all you’ll have to do other than we strongly encourage you to book your hotels or housing through our registration so you get the best deals possible.

Roster Maximums
  • Youth 5v5: 12 player max
Refund Policy

All payments are final as of April 1st, 2019, and no refunds will be allocated for teams not attending of their own accord but may request a credit towards any FFWCT operated tournament within a calendar year. If a division is cancelled, a full refund will be given regardless. Click here to read though our full terms and conditions.

Schedule Requests

We do not take schedule requests here at FFWCT. We have pre-made schedule blocks that you can find by scrolling down below, so you can see what time which formats play to avoid schedule conflicts.

You can also impact your first games start time by selecting a better spot during the draft during media night.




The graphic below lays out which divisions will and will not overlap. We have 4 blocks, and you are guaranteed to be able to coach multiple teams if they fall in different blocks. If you are coaching two teams in the same block, it is recommended you have an assistant coach or it may be possible through the draft when you select your schedule to avoid conflict but it is not guaranteed.

Playing Fields


ARLINGTON, TX (Dallas area)