Roswell Recap: Looney Tunes Wins It All

Roswell Recap: Looney Tunes Wins It All

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The 20th Annual Hike it & Spike it 4on4 Flag Football Tournament was held this past weekend in Roswell, New Mexico and the Show Me The Money division was full of surprises.  Several heavy favorites went down early, and some new teams rose to the top while competing for the $15,000 in total prizes.  Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the action and results for those who couldn’t make it and haven’t heard!


Roswell 2015 Hike it & Spike it 4on4 Flag Football Tournament Winners Bracket

The 2015 Hike it & Spike it “Show Me The Money” division winners bracket this year looked like a nice easy ride for the returning favorites Blackout in the bottom left bracket, with the top right looking thin and the bottom right and top left being loaded with proven and experienced teams. As often happens in flag football tournaments like this, that proved not to be the case, as Blackout lost in a huge upset and thriller to Playaz, destroying most people’s predictions for a repeat.

It’s double elimination, so they were sent to the loser’s bracket but doing so this early means playing a ton of games and isn’t easy to recover from.  Other upsets were Rampage beating Goose Crew in similar fashion in their first game, and Truth over Bullies in another small upset. Essentially, the last 3 years champions were sent down to the losers bracket within the first 2 rounds.

Looney Tunes beating Penguins might have been an upset to some, as Penguins won the tournament 2 years ago, but if you’d seen them play locally in Dallas you’d know this was a team that had a real shot at this tournament as would prove to be true, and also happened to coincide well with our original predictions here! This is only half the story though, as the loser’s bracket is filled with good games and teams fighting to make it back to that championship game as you’ll see on the next page!


Roswell 2015 Hike it & Spike it 4on4 Flag Football Tournament Losers Bracket

The 2015 Hike it & Spike it “Show Me The Money” division losers bracket was equally as exciting, with some big matchups early and often where losing sent you home.  There weren’t any real shockers as far as teams not making the 2nd day of the flag football tournament, but Blackout losing to Kryptonite solidified their slide from last years champions, failing to make the top 5 this year.  Goose Crew beat Penguins as well, making the top 6 teams Goose Crew, Kryptonite, Outkast, Wet N Dirty, Dream Team & Looney Tunes.

Goose Crew and Wet N Dirty advanced, with Wet N Dirty winning out in that next matchup putting them, Dream Team and Looney Tunes in the money for sure, where $2,000 went to 3rd playce, $3,000 to 2nd and $10,000 to the champion. Wet N Dirty advanced to face a Looney Toons team in the championship for a rematch with the team who’d sent them down to the losers bracket earlier that day.  This time Wet N Dirty would have to double dip Looney Tunes to take home the grand prize.

Looney Tunes came out strong in the first half, with a pick 6 by Frankie Solomon who pitched to Playmakin Shostoppa for the score, and a pair of touchdowns with connections from QB Diere “Fresh” Franklin to Jarvis Johnson, going into halftime with a commanding 20-0 lead.  That connection finished it off again in the 2nd half with another post touchdown and Looney Tunes cruised to a 26-0 victory and their first ever Roswell Hike it & Spike it “Show Me The Money” division National Championship, earning some serious bragging rights for the next year or more! Congratulations to them and all the teams that competed this past weekend and looking forward to getting out there next year for some awesome photos and videos to take it to the next level!

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