Tips & Tricks for traveling to USFTL Nationals for DIRT CHEAP

Tips & Tricks for traveling to USFTL Nationals for DIRT CHEAP

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It’s almost the BEST time of the year for any flag football player! No not Thanksgiving & no it’s also not Christmas. It’s almost time for the world’s largest flag football tournament, USFTL NATIONALS!!! Players from all around the world are gearing up to compete for the world’s ultimate title of becoming the USFTL Nationals Champ. Nationals is 2nd to none in terms of scope and competition & this year looks to continue that legacy.

With Nationals comes travel expenses & planning! Here are some Tips & Tricks for traveling to USFTL Nationals for DIRT CHEAP.

orlando usftl nationals

1. Flying Into the Cheaper Airport!

An easy quick trick for flying to USFTL nationals is simply flying into a different airport. Although the tournament location is at the Otis M. Andrews Sports complex which is in Plant City Florida. Most players make the mistake into flying into Tampa International airport. It’s actually MUCH more expensive to fly into Tampa versus flying into Orlando International Airport.  It’s more than worth the 30-40 minute drive from Orlando International airport to the fields. Flights from locations like Dallas last year were $64 ROUND TRIP with 2 bags free each way!

fly southwest usftl nationals

2. DIRT CHEAP round trip flights using our link!

You can fly pretty cheap from a lot of select locations into Orlando International Airport! Below are a list of current round trip flights from various cities around the country into Orlando on Thursday January 12th. Remember all formats will play on Friday January 13th so everyone will need to arrive sometime Thursday to attend the captains meeting and be ready for competition Friday morning. You can access these discounts by using the following link and using our promo code:  Promo Code: SWABIZ

Depart Dates are Wednesday January 11th or Thursday January 12th and Returning Tuesday January 17th or Wednesday January 18th

Please Note! Flight prices change EVERY Couple days so traveling a day early and leaving a day later may continue to save money.

  • Dallas Texas: $157.96
  • Charlotte North Carolina: $188.46
  • Chicago Illinois: $157.96
  • Columbus Ohio: $147.96
  • Pittsburgh Pennsylvania: $197.96
  • Atlanta Georgia: $97.96
  • New York: $223.96
  • New Orleans Louisiana: $187.96
  • Baltimore Maryland: $145.96
  • Richmond Virginia: $173.96

rent a van usftl nationals

3. You can travel 15 players for $34 a player!

Some teams won’t want to fly, it’s just a simple fact. The easiest and cheapest way to travel on a tight budget is to just drive. If you have 15 players you can take advantage of renting a 15 passenger sprinter van. On average the cost to rent a sprinter van from Thursday January 12th to Tuesday January 17th is around $500.00. So between 15 people you can road trip and spend about $34 a player to rent the van in its entirety!

rental houses orlando florida usftl nationals

4. Rent a 5 Bedroom house that sleeps 12-15 people for 5 days for about $75 a person!

There is no doubt that central Florida is a vacation destination that millions of people venture to every year! In Florida pretty much every single rental house has its own private pool and other wonderful accommodations. You can rent a 5 bedroom house that sleeps 12-15 people for 5 nights and it would cost a 15 person team only $75 a player to rent! Compare that to paying $100+ A night for a hotel room that can only sleep 2-3 people, it by far is the MOST cost effective option! The link to book & search through different homes is listed below & the beautiful part of booking through the link is that for EVERY 10 total room nights your team books your team will earn 1 free room night. So when it comes time to travel to other tournaments you will be able to have a bank of free room nights that your team can use to travel! Click here to visit our landing page and click Nationals at the bottom to find a custom sorted list of houses and hotels near the fields!

hotelscom partnership rewards

5. How do FREE hotel rooms sound? Good? OK here’s how to get them!

So when it comes to booking your rental houses or hotel rooms for nationals you will have tons and tons of options. If you are going to go play in the world’s largest flag football tournament, why not start staying in hotels or rental homes for free? This is how to do it.

Just by simply booking through the landing page they have built specifically for Flag Football, every 10 nights your team stays you will get 1 free to use at another tournament anywhere in the country! Its incredibly easy! For Example

If you have 20 people on a team and (2) people stay in a hotel room together, that’s 10 total rooms booked. Say that same team attends USFTL Nationals from Thursday Night January 12th to Tuesday January 17th, which is 5 nights.

10 Rooms x 5 nights equals 50 total room nights. At the end of the tournament your team will have accumulated 5 free Room nights to use at any other tournament in the country! That’s a rental house for a week for your team!

Click here to visit our landing page and click Nationals at the bottom to find a custom sorted list of houses and hotels near the fields!

Travis Burnett

A veteran flag football player and creator of, Travis helped found the Flag Football World Championship Tour as a way to help revitalize and continue growing the sport, work to incorporate more sponsors and bring bigger and better events to the players and fans across the world.