The WAY to early Battle Orlando Previews

FFWCT Battle Orlando Preview

The WAY to early Battle Orlando Previews

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What's This?

Battle Orlando is still almost 3 full months away but with 250+ already registered for what is shaping up to be one of the largest flag football tournaments around, the sports world can’t help but wonder…who are the early favorites?

most hated dallas flag football battle orlando

4v4 Division: It pays to be Most Hated

The 4v4 world is a fickle world. Players swap teams and abandon ship quite often so it’s no surprise that some of the top teams have added and subtracted players in preparation of Battle Orlando. But in reality none of that matters when the most dominant team in the last 8 months has also been the most roster consistent, resulting in them also being, Most Hated. Also don’t forget this is 4man so don’t be surprised if you see teams like Sinister, Wet N Dirty, 305, Young Bloodz, Texas Looney Tunes, or Suicide Squad (Formerly Blackout) steal a championship away. The Hoppers from Arizona are also a VERY talented team that could surprise everyone.

After taking home the $5,000.00 Cash Prize in Battle Bama last October, having the HUGE advantage of all its players living in the same area, and rules that work well for their pitch-heavy game-plan, Most Hated will be VERY tough to beat.

queen city bulls flag football team

5v5 Contact: Kings of Queen City

5v5 contact on the East Coast has been absolutely dominated by the Queen City Bulls. They have the swagger to match the record and their imminent trip to Battle Orlando doesn’t look to disappoint. There are some of teams that will have a good shot of knocking down the champs that play them on a regular basis like Stick of Butter & Becks plus one. I’d pay close attention to the teams from the west coast. 5man is KING on the west coast much like 8man Contact is king on the east coast. Teams that play on the west play a much deeper pool of talented teams on a more frequent basis AND couple that with the east coast teams NEVER being able to see them play, we could have some very BIG upsets from teams Like Swagger from Arizona & the Beast from Seattle.

5v5 Non-Contact: Long Island = Strong Island

5v5 Non-Contact resembles its contact counterpart in a VERY creepy way. The Strong Island 49ers are from the opposite side of the same coast of the Queen City Bulls, They have been VERY dominant in their format AND they face the exact same problems. Local familiar teams could derail their plans at a championship. Notable teams to watch are the Curry Bombers from California, Twisted Sinister which is the evil off spring of the Jacksonville Sinister Team & Dallas Twisted Black team. Seeing as how 5v5 Non-Contact is the preferred format for international flag football tournaments and possible Olympic consideration, we have a handful of non-U.S. teams that may be bringing everything they have to cause a stir as well to keep an eye out for!

fighting cancer new orleans flag football team

7v7 Screen Men’s: Is it even possible to beat Fighting Cancer?

Let’s face it…Fighting Cancer is one of the most exciting teams in the country to watch regardless of format. Their QB code named Housh, might be the most explosive QB in all of Flag Football. Here is what may finally dethrone the New Orleans natives! The EXCEPTIONALLY deep 7v7 division for Battle Orlando may hurt Fighting Cancer. There are already more 7v7 screen teams registered for Battle Orlando than there were at USFTL Nationals last month. More teams means more opponents to beat which means more fatigue before the championship game. This helps teams like Apocalypse, Straight hood, 300, Ryde Out, Suped Up and Suicide Squad. It will take a huge upset to dethrone what many consider one of the best flag football teams of all time, but their reign must end eventually! Will this be the year??

adrenaline dallas flat football team

7v7 Screen Women’s: Adrenaline

Adrenaline from Texas is flat out one of the most entertaining teams to watch! As entertaining as they are, the women’s side of the world is much more competitive. There are a few teams absolutely gunning to dethrone them. There have been stirrings of teams like the Misfits from Seattle & QC Elite, gearing up to make a full bore charge at the throne. There is some buzz that recent hall-of-fame inductee Vanita Krouch may not be healthy in time for Battle Orlando which would open up the field considerably. Let’s see how the next few weeks play out!

clutch dallas flag football team

8v8 Screen A Men’s: Just gotta be Clutch

The 8v8 Screen divisions is a newer addition to our lineup and only has a handful of teams registered so far but are expecting it to fill very soon. But team Clutch from Dallas is one of the best teams in Texas where 8man screen is king and an early favorite no matter who else signs up. Loaded with athletes from other top teams in 4v4 and skill-position heavy formats, they’ll be a tough out for anyone. Word is more Texas teams are soon to sign up so should be chalk full of competition soon! If you haven’t tried 8man screen before, you should sign up today and see what the hype is all about!

black mambas flag football tournament

8v8 Contact Women’s: Mamba Mentality

The Black Mambas are a spectacle to behold. They are like the UConn Womens Basketball team. They just don’t lose.  They will have new faces to play for the first time ever. The West Coast equivalent in the Lady Sting Rays from California are extremely dominant on the west coast and look to end the chatter once and for all of what coast is the best.  Other West Coast teams are She-Unit from Hollywood and other familiar faces like Knockout, South Florida Cat 5 and the Junk Yard Divas look to take a title shot as well.

8v8 Contact Men’s: Division so deep no one can handle it?

This already is the largest 8man Contact division I have ever seen. Compared to Nationals where there were ONLY 16 8man A teams, Battle Orlando already has 37 A teams, and it’s ABSOLUTELY LOADED.  You have your typical favorite in Extreme Odds who frankly would be an extremely safe pick to win the championship. You have to take a deeper look at the division and see the extreme amount of legit contenders! AMC knows Extreme Odds so well you would have to think with the correct bracket positioning, they could knock out the champs.  You have teams that are loaded with talent like the AthElites, Greensboro Lions, G.U., Maryland Hurricanes, Shockwave, & League Of Shadows. Then there are the guys that live in the shadows who are a LEGIT force to be reckoned with. UFB from Las Vegas has given east coast teams fits in the past at MCFFU Tournaments but does that translate away from home? You have the Windy City Hammer who are ALWAYS competitive but can never seem to get over the hump! Can this be the tournament where they shut everyone up and bring home the championship? The Cali Coalition is the devils off spring from the Sactown teams and Bay Kings from Cali and they will have some of the best athletes in the country easily.  Perhaps the scariest team I would make sure everyone studies up on: Move in Silence from Atlanta. ATHLETES EVERYWHERE, their QB, Rocky Danners, is dynamic and as athletic as you will see. They are my darkhorse choice of the 8v8 Contact Division.

gladiators flag football tournament

9v9 Contact A Men’s: A true Gladiator’s Sport

The 9v9 Contact division at this year’s USFTL Nationals event was as competitive as ever, but the Gladiator’s pulled it out for another National Championship to add to their belt and should be the team to beat at Battle Orlando. Will Texas put together another strong competitor? Will there be any darkhorses from the West Coast that have gone under the radar? Only time will tell!

You think you should be mentioned among the top teams not listed above? Sound off in the comments below and let us know who we missed! 

Travis Burnett

A veteran flag football player and creator of, Travis helped found the Flag Football World Championship Tour as a way to help revitalize and continue growing the sport, work to incorporate more sponsors and bring bigger and better events to the players and fans across the world.

Travis Burnett

A veteran flag football player and creator of, Travis helped found the Flag Football World Championship Tour as a way to help revitalize and continue growing the sport, work to incorporate more sponsors and bring bigger and better events to the players and fans across the world.