2020 Orlando World Championship Media Predictions

2020 Orlando World Championship Media Predictions

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What's This?

With the 2020 Orlando Flag Football World Championships only weeks away featuring over 600 teams and 30 teams represented, we polled staff and media members about who they thought would be the top teams in each divisions and below are their predictions! These are based on the best guesses from league and tournament organizers nationally, our directors and members of the USA Flag, FlagSpin and FFWCT staff.  These are PURELY hypothetical but let us know in the comments who you think is missing or who the dark horses may be for each division and why!

4v4 Pro

  1. Wet N Dirty (FL)
  2. 305 (FL)
  3. Dade Reapers (FL)

4v4 Comp

  1. ATA Warriors (MD)
  2. Hi-Five (FL)
  3. Wrecking Crew (PA)

4v4 Rec

  1. S.S (FL)
  2. Venom (FL)
  3. Jerky Boyz (FL)

4v4 35 & Older

  1. The Old Crew (FL)
  2. The Penguins (OH)
  3. QCB (NC)

5v5 Non-Contact Men’s Pro

  1. 305 (FL)
  2. Wet N Dirty (FL)
  3. BBQ Chicken (TX)

5v5 Non-Contact Men’s Comp

  1. FL Mambas (FL)
  2. The Show (MD)
  3. Enigma (FL)

5v5 Non-Contact Men’s Rec

  1. VooDoo (SC)
  2. AirTech (FL)
  3. Jerky Boyz (FL)

5v5 Non-Contact Men’s 35 & Older

  1. Kings of Florida (FL)
  2. Florida Legends (FL)
  3. Stick of Butter (NC)

5v5 Non-Contact Coed Pro

  1. Hall Of Fame (TX)
  2. Mean Machine (TN)
  3. Vengeance (TX)

5v5 Non-Contact Coed Comp

  1. SA SuperBad (TX)
  2. Havoc (NC)
  3. Simply Amazing (TN)

5v5 Non-Contact Women’s Open

  1. Voltage (TX)
  2. QC Elite (NC)
  3. Lights Out (TX)

5v5 Contact Men’s Pro

  1. Judah (MD)
  2. Becks Plus One (SC)
  3. Fruition (NC)

5v5 Contact Men’s Comp

  1. Stick Of Butter (NC)
  2. Buffalo 716 (NY)
  3. Wrecking Crew (PA)

5v5 Contact Men’s Rec

  1. Conspiracy Theory (NC)
  2. MD Menace (MD)
  3. Tri State Bullies (DE)

5v5 Contact Men’s 35 & Over

  1. Queen City Bulls (NC)
  2. Pitt Pumas (PA)
  3. ESPN (DC)

7v7 Men’s Pro

  1. Kings of Florida (FL)
  2. Fighting Cancer (LA)
  3. Quickstrike (LA)

7v7 Men’s Comp

  1. No Fly Zone (FL)
  2. Pik Yo Poison (SC)
  3. Smoke (GA)

7v7 Men’s Rec

  1. Queen City Savages (NC)
  2. Renegades (SC)
  3. Nightmare (FL)

7v7 Men’s 35 & Older

  1. Kings of Florida (FL)
  2. Wolfpac (LA)
  3. What! (FL)

7v7 Women’s Pro

  1. Adrenaline (TX)
  2. QC Elite (NC)
  3. Queens of Florida (FL)

8v8 Coed Pro

  1. Beauties & Beasts (LA)
  2. Poles & Holes (TX)
  3. Comin’ To Git Ya! (NC)

8v8 Coed Comp

  1. Havoc (NC)
  2. The Show (MD)
  3. MIS (GA)

8v8 Contact Men’s Pro

  1. Cali Coalition (CA)
  2. Windy City Hammer (IL)
  3. AthElites (NC)

8v8 Contact Men’s Comp

  1. Blackshirts (IL)
  2. Savages (MD)
  3. BI (NC)

8v8 Contact Men’s Rec

  1. DMV Wolfpac (MD)
  2. Cold Blooded (IL)
  3. SMD Supreme (MD)

8v8 Contact Men’s 35 & Over

  1. All Met Legends (MD)
  2. Bombers (PA)
  3. Raiders (OH)

8v8 Contact Women’s Pro

  1. Capitol Punishment (DC)
  2. Black Mambas (DC)
  3. Lady Elite (MD)

8v8 Contact Women’s Comp

  1. She-Unit (CA)
  2. Cayman Islands (Cayman Islands)
  3. Lady Tigers (GA)

9v9 Men’s Pro

  1. SI Bulldogs (NY)
  2. Lions (CT)
  3. Main Event (NY)

9v9 Men’s Comp

  1. Rampage (MD)
  2. AFN (MD)
  3. LI Demons (NY)
Travis Burnett

A veteran flag football player and creator of FlagSpin.com, Travis helped found the Flag Football World Championship Tour as a way to help revitalize and continue growing the sport, work to incorporate more sponsors and bring bigger and better events to the players and fans across the world.