FFWCT and USFTL agree to Partnership for One Nationals in Orlando

FFWCT and USFTL agree to Partnership for One Nationals in Orlando

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Attention All Players, Coaches and Captains,

After careful negotiations and deliberations between the FFWCT and USFTL, we have come to the temporary mutual agreement that for January 2019 there should and will only be (1) National Championship tournament. That tournament will be Battle Orlando Nationals on January 18-20, 2019 in Orlando, Florida.

Behind the leadership of both the FFWCT and USFTL, we decided that it was in the best interest of the players, sport and both business’ to make a mutually amicable event for this year’s Nationals.

The USFTL Hall of Fame Ceremony will still be held and operated by the USFTL staff as scheduled and most likely will be held during the captains meeting and draft on Thursday, January 17th at Disney Springs, and/or at noon on that Saturday at the fields. Click here for more information about the draft and captains meeting with location details that should get everyone excited!

Considering both organizations have completely different staff, point system, rules, tournament structure and other differences it would create a logistical nightmare to run a joint tournament. In order to alleviate any potential issues, FFWCT and USFTL agree only one organization should run this tournament. Both organizations agreed that Orlando would be the best choice for the teams, meaning the tournament will be run, managed and operated by FFWCT 100%.  All Tournament set up, rules, parameters, media day, schedule blocks, registration fees, cash prizes, and procedures will all remain the same as originally advertised for Battle Orlando thus far.

USFTL will still be honoring their currently promised free bids, running their Hall of Fame in Orlando and converting USFTL Points to Battle Points for this tournament so we can create as level of a playing field when it comes to bracket draft positions for pool play seeding as possible.

For more information please click here for the Battle Orlando fact sheet so you can have a quick guide on what to expect and what’s going on for nationals! See you all in Orlando!

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